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Color Black (CK6818)

Product Features

The Uppercut is one of the most powerful knockout punches used in boxing and mixed martial arts sports such as UFC. The Uppercut watch reflects its namesake through its sturdy design, strong angles and prominent bezel shape. With its very distinct angled case, it packs a punch as powerful as its namesake blow.
  • Luminous hands, glowing in the dark for easy reading
  • Moulded dial with 3D effect, paying tribute to the Reebok Delta logo
  • High quality silicone strap with special coating for a velvet soft feel
  • 3D moulded logo pattern on the back of the strap for breathability during wear
  • Locking strap loop mechanism to prevent watch strap from flapping around, keeping it snug to the wrist.
  • Stainless steel bezel with decorative studs
  • 47.5 mm case made of durable and long lasting stainless steel

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